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How Long Does A Commercial Roof last?

The lifespan of a business roof can vary and is often determined by the type of materials used as well as the installation technique.

Business owners, building managers, and maintenance engineers want to know ahead of time which types of roofing materials will be the most stable and long-lasting for their specific building design and roofline, and they obviously want one that will not require immediate or short-term replacement after installation. Here is a brief overview of what is accessible in order to gain a better understanding of what is available and to establish long-term viability.

Metal – Metal roofs are extremely durable and can be expected to last for a lifetime of service. Their steep-slope adaptability makes them particularly well-suited for roofing applications, and with a continuous routine of maintenance and needed repairs, as well as any component replacements, a metal roof can survive for an endless period of time. It is true that the genuine lifespan of a metal roof is dependent on the type of metal that is used, the finish that is applied to the metal, and the slope of the roof.

Asphalt – It is common for a low-slope asphalt roof installed by experienced professionals to endure between 15 and 20 years, and it can survive between 20 and 40 years in the case of a steep-sloped shingle roof constructed by competent specialists. It is important to note that the overall lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is influenced by whether or not it is a low-slope system, as well as whether or not high-quality shingles are utilized and whether a regular maintenance schedule is followed.

The Most Important Components

The life expectancy of a commercial roof is determined by a variety of factors. In addition to routine maintenance and repairs, the materials used, the design of a roof’s system, and the quality of the installation all contribute to the durability of a business roof’s lifespan. It is possible to extend the life of your roof even further by using high-quality materials and designing it in an architecturally sound manner. Having a basic understanding of the composition of various roofing materials can also be beneficial when making final judgments on which commercial roofing material to use.

To find out what your current business roof is made of, or if you simply need information on the various commercial roofing materials and their installation, fill out the online contact form, and a commercial representative will respond to your query as promptly as possible.

When a commercial property owner comes to Integrity Roofers with their roofing problems, we can alleviate them. Our goal is the same as any other property owner’s. Through a proactive approach to roofing maintenance, you may identify problems and provide timely and cost-effective remedies. With a consultation and inspection of your facilities, we can help you resolve issues and provide solutions to your roofing challenges.

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