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At an accessible price, we provide uncompromising roof repair services for residential and commercial properties. Auburn Hills Roofing Pros is a family-owned business with 20 years of combined experience.

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Professional Roof Repair Services

Everything from roof installation through roof cleaning, roof renovation, and roof replacement is covered by our roofing service. We are thorough with our roof repair, and no matter what roof issue you have we can fix it. Our seasoned professionals and roof workers have built a reputation for themselves. Our maintenance, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning industries by providing professional, competent, and reliable services. Our professional roof cleaners, roof tile specialists, metal roof workers, shingle roofers, flat roof professionals will take care of any work that needs to be done on your roofs. Roof maintenance, gutter cleaning, tile roof repairs, tiling, re-roofing, roof replacement, and whatever else you can think of that involves the word roof, we can handle it! Auburn Hills Roofing Pros provides the best roof restoration advice and service to keep your home safe from the elements. We can fix your leaky roof; we’ll come out and assess the condition before advising you on the best, most cost-effective course of action.

What We Do?

Replacement of broken tiles, waterproofing, and replacing broken gutters are all common repairs. Metal roofs are also patched and rebuilt by us. Before we begin any work, we will provide you with a quote and address any questions or concerns you may have. We’ll look at gutter replacement, flashing repair, and gutter cleaning. If the fascia board is not in good condition, it must be mended and repaired.

We repair almost all the components of the roof. We’ll restore the roof to its former grandeur. Ideal for updating your property, if you’re thinking of selling and want to know what can give you more curb appeal? The perfect house deserves a good first impression. And a good quality roof is the best impression your roof can have. We offer a comprehensive range of Roof repair services. We also provide cleaning to prevent roof damage. A filthy or excessively mossy roof might create the ideal environment for fungi, mould, or mildew to thrive inside your home. If your roof isn’t cleaned, it will get unclean and uncared for in the future, resulting in further charges. Pressure washing your roof is a cost-effective and efficient approach to keep one of your home’s most important components in good shape.

We will replace or repair any broken gutters or valley iron, as well as offer a thorough cleaning service to keep the guttering system in good working order. Leaks in your roof space can be caused by broken or insufficient guttering. Keeping the guttering network well maintained can lessen the likelihood of roof leaks.

Gutters with too much dirt, moss, or debris can present a fire hazard in the hot summer months, as well as influence the gutter angle, resulting in water buildup and roof leaking. We can fix, prevent, or stop any leak, no matter how big or tiny it is. From a simple broken roof tile to a sophisticated flashing problem, we provide a comprehensive service to restore your roof to its original state and protect your home’s most important asset.

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If you have a roof, you are aware that it is susceptible to problems such as missing shingles, and leaky areas. You can schedule a visit from one of our specialists to examine the condition of your roof. We can fix parts roofs and apply a waterproofing coating, as well as an anti-sun coating to optimize temperature management. Get a free estimate for roof repair today.