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Roofing company Auburn Hills Roofing Pros has nearly 20 years of experience. Our roofing experts replace and repair roofs for both residential and commercial clients. Interested? Our roofers in Commerce, MI can give you a free estimate!

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Auburn Hills Roofing Pros is a multi-location roofing and construction company that serves homeowners, insurance companies, and commercial property managers in Michigan. We have been in business since the 2000s. Our company’s services include the installation of new roofs, repairs to existing roofs, and restoration work. We offer a variety of roof types including metal roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, cedar shake, and wood shake steel paneled roofs. We also offer services like gutter cleaning and siding repair as well as deck repairs. We take pride in providing quality customer service with competitive pricing on all their products and services which includes minor roof repairs to full roof replacement projects up to 20 years old or more than 500 square feet in size. We have many repeat customers who are pleased with the quality workmanship they received from our company over the years. Call us now on (248) 260-4234 and get a free estimate!

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Roof Repair

Roof repair is a common occurrence in Commerce, Michigan. Commerce residents are constantly making sure their roofs are in the best possible shape they can be by regularly inspecting them. A roof inspection is important because it not only helps you avoid leaks but also reduces the risk of fire and damage to your building’s interior. If your roof needs to be repaired, there are a variety of options to choose from (e.g., re-roofing/replacing shingles or installing new coping/fascia). Roof repair is the process of repairing a leaky or damaged roof. The first step in this process is to identify where there are any leaks coming from. This can be done by examining the roof for wet spots, checking gutters for water drainage, and listening for sounds of leaking water. Once a leak has been found, it should be marked with chalk as it may be difficult to find again later on if not marked. After locating any leaks, they should then be repaired by cutting out a section of the roof and replacing it with a new one. Please give us a call at (248) 260-4234.





Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is an important step in the upkeep of any residential or commercial property. The roof is an essential part of the structure, and if it becomes damaged or dilapidated it can become more vulnerable to serious damage as well as more expensive to replace. Roof replacement may seem like a daunting task, but there are many companies like ADS Roofing Services that offer expert roofing services for all types of roofs. The first step in replacing your roof is to find a reputable company with experience in your type of building.  We offer new roofs for both residential and commercial buildings including metal tile, clay tile, shake shingle, architectural shingle, flat asphalt membrane (single-ply), and built-up tar and gravel (BUR). We also have years of experience installing these kinds of roofs on various types of framing structures – wood frame houses & condos with wood structural members installed over open framing joists; engineered wood trusses used as open-framed rafters; steel-framed buildings with exposed structural steel beams; concrete slabs which rest on concrete footings or pedestals; or slab-on-ground buildings supported by brick piers or reinforced concrete footings.

At Auburn Hills Roofing Pros, our team of roofing experts is committed to providing you with the best roofing experience possible. We work with single-ply and asphalt shingle among other materials. This guarantees that your roof will last at least another 25 years! All of our services are backed by a warranty, which could save you hundreds of dollars over time. If you need a quality roof replacement provider in Commerce, MI, please call (248) 260-4234.


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gutter installation and repair

Gutter Repair and Installation

Gutter repair is the process of repairing and restoring gutters to prevent water from pooling in them. This can help maintain the integrity of your roof, keep your house dry inside, and avoid costly repairs. Gutters are also designed to protect eaves, for which a great example is a metal rain chain. Sections with leaking or clogged gutters should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible because they can become too damaged before you realize it and will cause expensive repairs like rotting fascia boards around your house. Clogged gutters can also lead to flooding in basements if they cannot let water drain off properly. When repairing clogged gutters, it is important to use anti-clog products that do not contain toxic materials that could seep into the ground when it rains again following the repair process. In addition, repairing holes in aluminum gutters is easier than patching holes on galvanized steel ones because aluminum is softer and easier to work with but still durable enough for long-term use when treated properly!

Gutter installation involves the installation of gutters around the perimeter of a building’s roof. Gutters are usually installed to divert water from running off the roof. Gutter systems can be constructed from many different materials and can be made out of copper, steel, aluminum, or plastic. The materials chosen for a particular gutter system depend on the appearance desired and whether or not there is any possibility that exterior cladding will contact the gutters such as brick veneer buildings. The slope of a gutter system is measured in inches per foot and typically ranges between 2:12 to 4:12 where 2:12 means 2 inches per foot while 4:12 means 4 inches per foot. The slope determines how quickly water flows through guttering into downspouts or drain pipes which provides some level of protection against overflow when gutters become blocked due to leaves and debris accumulation which may occur during rainy seasons in climates with cold winters such as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula There are two main types of guttering systems; open channel systems that have an open trough for collecting rainwater runoff, and closed channel systems that have channels within an enclosure to collect water runoff such as concrete gutters. 

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Roof Installation

Roofing is a broad term for the process of constructing and installing roof coverings. A wide variety of materials can be used, including shingles, tiles, metal sheets, and laminated plastic membranes. The roof covering protects the home from rain and snow damage as well as all other weather-related damage. Roofs are usually built using frame structures that are covered with the desired material. Many different materials can be used in constructing roofs including shingles, tiles, metal sheets, or laminated plastic membranes. The type of material chosen will depend on budget considerations but also on individual preferences and needs such as whether there is a need to withstand harsh weather conditions or if there is an area that needs additional insulation to help keep it cool in the summer months.

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They were very polite, courteous and professional. They quickly identified the issue and were able to help resolve the issue at what I am sure was the end of their day. Jumper even showed us images of the damage and their repair. I cannot recommend Auburn Hills Roofing Pros enough – they are honest, they were prompt and very professional.

– Joe

had an awesome experience with Auburn Hills Roofing Pros! They were so thorough and professional, and made the experience so easy for me. Initially I scheduled a few quotes for a new roof, but after meeting with them, I hired Auburn Hills Roofing Pros on the spot. I was so impressed by them and how much time and effort they put in from the very beginning.

– Micheal

Their team did a fantastic job for our family. Ours is an older home with lots of quirky features, and they handled everything perfectly. From the moment that the Auburn Hills Roofing Pros team walked onto our property until they did  they final walk-through and inspection, they were professional, responsive, and incredibly easy to deal with.

– Jason

About Commerce, MI

Commerce is a town in Oakland County, Michigan. It is one of the largest townships in Oakland County, with a population of over 44,000 people. Commerce Township was founded in 1823 and incorporated as a township on April 14, 1968. The township has experienced significant growth since 2000 due to its close proximity to the City of Auburn Hills and I-75. The motto for Commerce Township is “A Better Place To Live.” This emphasizes that residents have access to high quality schools, wide variety of recreational activities, shopping destinations and other amenities which make Commerce Township stand out from neighboring communities.


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